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Kill Shot Bravo 3.2.1 Hack



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Kill Shot Bravo iOS Hack and Aandroid Mod

Hack Kill Shot Bravo 3.0.2

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Kill Shot Bravo iOS Hack Android Mod


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  • Everything you want 😉

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iOS and Android

Kill Shot Bravo Version: 3.2.1

Kill Shot Bravo Hack Version: 3.2.1

Without Losing Your Progress In The Game


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iOS and Android

What's New in This Version


Region 26: Full Metal Vacation II

Soldier, you’ve been hard at work for quite some time. Even one-person-armies need a break. It’s time for your vacation. Last time, your vacation was interrupted by terror But this time we’ve sent you off to an all-expense paid luxury island resort. See some shows. Do some gambling. There is no chance that we’ve sent you to TERRORCON, the world’s largest terrorist convention. That’s crazy! Why would you think that? That can’t even be a real thing, can it?

But, just to be safe, pack a bag full of weapons in case you need to fight your way through fifty new Primary Missions. Bring sun screen – but also Kevlar, on the off chance you need to fend off an army of terrorist convention attendees in fifteen all new Breach missions, five new Black Ops, endlessly replayable Assault missions, or brutally difficult Battle Hardened missions.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy the latest, most leisurely and totally terror free update to Kill Shot Bravo - Full Metal Vacation II!

Introducing Global Ops Alliance Battles
* Go head to head with another Alliance in Global Ops events!
* This update will add a new level of competitiveness to the standard Global Ops events. When a match begins, Alliances will compete to earn the most amount of Kill Coins during the match time.
* The Alliance with the most amount of Kill Coins during the match wins and earn additional rewards!

Updates to Special Forces
* 3-Star Rating System - players have a chance to earn 1-3 stars depending on how high their score is for each Special Forces Missions.
* Play or keep replaying missions to earn all 3 stars!

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